Just wanted say my daughter had the best birthday at Studio Art in Novato. Everything went smoothly and all the girls had fun. Thanks again! -MW

@studio4art My kids LOVE working with Jensen on the pottery wheel. They cannot stop talking about how much fun they had! Thanks!

    1. Kirsten Chapman‏ @kfchapman

    Jonathon Stevens! thanks guys -- he loves it!! Brings it many places. :). You guys are the best!! It's the people that make studio4art head and shoulders above other art places. Thank you!

    Studio 4 Art has been a fantastic place for my daughters to excel at art, gain confidence in their own creative abilities, and develop their small motor skills. The studio itself is beautifully organized, amazingly full of artistic tools, and is well lit with sunlight.

    Kebby worked with my two daughters and another friend first in summer camp and then throughout the year in classes. Many of my daughters' preschool classmates began doing representational art such as rainbows, houses, and families and my daughters felt sad and discouraged with their own simple abstract creations. It was dismaying to see my girls be discouraged and no longer enjoying art. Kebby's kind encouragement, gentle approach, and immense knowledge of art transformed my children's belief in themselves as artists. Both girls needed to work on building their hand strength to develop their small motor skills. Kebby had many ideas and was receptive to my thoughts and concerns. working with clay was great for building hand strength and the girls loved it.

    The year was incredibly successful for my daughters both scholastically and emotionally and I give a great deal of credit to Kebby. Enrolling her help was a huge factor in helping my daughters appreciate and love their own art, develop a surprising amount of knowledge about art and art terminology, and learn to respect other people's art as well. Their small motor skills developed tremendously which led to a correct pencil grip and an increased ability to print letters. The girls are happily writing and creating art this year in Kindergarten. - Lusy Schneidman.

    My Child came away from the class with more confidence in his art ability. He also felt more comfortable with his creative skills.

    My child benefited from his experience in class to learn more about different ways to express yourself through art.

    My child left art classes with increased confidence and joy of making art. Keep it going :)

    Classes have left my daughter with a lot more chances to experience different art materials and knows better how to express herself in front of kids.

    My son has had the experience to experiment with more materials and gain better communication about his work.

    Liz Devlin <elizabeth.l.devlin@gmail.com>

    Do you know the schedule for Mill Valley Summer camps yet? My daughter LOVED it last year and wants to go again for a few sessions.


    from a high school student

    Thank you so so much! You let me be artistic when I was much younger, and now you're letting me be artistic now :) Bryce


    I just wanted to pass along a thank you for the amazing assistance we received at your Novato studio about a week ago. I'm sorry that I didn't take away the name of the young woman who helped but hopefully you can track her down with the timing of our visit.

    We came to Studio 4 Art on Saturday, 5/13 around 12:30. I had spoken with someone on the phone at your studio about a project my daughter was working on with a slightly tighter deadline than your turnaround time of 2 weeks and she thought it could be done by special request. We needed to get a piece of painted pottery back within about 12 days and when we got to your location the person helping us quickly helped us assess that we really didn't have the time we needed to get the finished piece back in time for my daughter's deadline.

    What amazed me and my daughter and I are still so grateful for is how the woman helping us stuck with us, offering creative solutions as we tried to come up with a plan for completing an Ancient Greek painted pottery for a Social Studies project. My 12-yr-old was pretty disappointed and distraught that she wasn't going to be making a piece that day. But man, you didn't give up on us! You helped us find a clay that my daughter could use at home. You described some techniques she could use and I could see my daughter slowly starting to come around - the wheels were spinning when she realized the possibilities AND we were both thrilled that the material we walked away with was going to be pretty adaptable to the requirements of the project. The sculpting material was even going to dry in a terra cotta color that would be consistent with how an authentic vase from Ancient Greece would have looked!

    Today, my daughter is continuing the project and it will be submitted on Friday. We think it is going to be terrific. And we just wanted to send our thanks for all you did to make things possible. You turned a discouraged pair into very happy customers! Thanks so much!


    Just wanted you to know that Cassie LOVED this camp last year and it is the only one that she wanted to do again this year. -K.S.

    Thanks for providing a great art camp, Sincerely Margaret O'Leary

    There is no place that comes close to what you offer and who you are.-Marie Ebbing

    To Kebby and her team, Thank you, thank you, thank you! This was a perfect situation for us-we so appreciate the use of this beautiful space.Thanks CB, owner of Flour Chylde.


    Studio 4 Art is my favorite place in the world. You get to choose from several things like clay, the wheel, painting, drawing and even your own mixed media. Over the years it has been here it has inspired may young people to become new artists of their own! In Studio 4 Art you can take classes, do a dropin, celebrate your party and take a cam with a friend! My favorite things are clay sculptures and the pottery wheel. Sometimes it is fun to find a plastic toy animal and make a copy of it out of clay, then you come back a couple of years later and try doing the same sculpture again! Then you compare both of them and see what a great artist you have become! Studio 4 Art is a great place to keep your creative art brain going! Hope to see you here soon! PC age 11.


    “Best camp ever,” she has said repeatedly. Tucker Nichols