Rancho Ceramics, Clay + Pottery; 12/21-2/15

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Rancho Ceramics, Clay + Pottery; 12/21-2/15


Clay, Ceramics + Pottery @ Rancho

We LOVE Clay!

Thursdays: 3:00p.m.-4:00 p.m


Studio 4 Art Welcomes you to explore all NEW art projects in Clay!

Students will learn traditional clay techniques such as slab construction, coiling methods, sculpture, and pinch pot construction. Creatures, mosaics, plates/cups/bowls, animals, masks, and imagination are explored. Art history, art education, STEAM integration, and a whole lot of fun will be found in Studio 4 Art ceramic classes.

Give your child the power of creativity, leadership, critical thinking skills and eye-hand coordination, All learned through this engaging, innovative and educational class.

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Thursdays 12/21-2/15

Come and explore ALL NEW PROJECTS!

Studio 4 Art welcomes you to explore All NEW art Projects in
Ceramics, Clay + Pottery Clay, clay and more clay! We love clay! 

Rancho Elementary Multipurpose Room

Limited Class Size; Min. 8, Max. 12