Mixed Media Madness art class @ Mill Valley Community Center

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Mixed Media Madness art class @ Mill Valley Community Center


When registering for this class, please click here and enter bar code 45793.

Mixed Media Madness - 45793
Ages: 3 Yrs. to 6 Yrs.

- Fee $192.00

All new project for each new session! From papermaking to pottery. This class is sure to excite! Each day students will experiment as we dabble in a bit of everything art. Mixing many different art mediums to create unique, fun, educational and inspiring projects. Each class is something new, often times, mixing materials that kids have not experienced before.

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Studio 4 Art welcomes you to explore All NEW art Projects in
Mixed Media Madness. Mixed media is a time for students to explore all things art in the discovery of how paint, drawing, clay,
fabric, and recycled materials can be used together.

Give your child the power of creativity, leadership, critical thinking skills and eye-hand
coordination. All learned through this engaging, innovative and educational class.