Animation + Cartooning - Grades 2-5

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Animation + Cartooning - Grades 2-5


Dates: March 28 April 4, 18, 25 May 2, 9, 16, 30

draw, build, design, make, imagine, create

San Ramon Elementary School

2nd-5th C Cluster

Time: 3:05-4:05

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Create a world of imagination. Character design, making 3-D models, scenes, storytelling, and having it all come to life with learning about stop motion animation. Working from traditional cartooning while creating a comic strip/story board, turning those into a book and finishing with models, magic, and computer animations. Fine art techniques are incorporated into this STEAM inspired class. Technology, learning proportion, how to create exaggerated figures for story making, and the art of perspective are all found in this class.

Give your child the power of creativity, leadership, critical thinking skills and eye-hand coordination. All learned through this engaging, innovative and educational class.