Sculpture - Building + design class - Wednesday

sculpture class marin county
sculpture class marin county

Sculpture - Building + design class - Wednesday


Sculpture - Wednesday 4:30-5:30 - ages 6-10

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Studio 4 Art are experts in their field, teaching for over 18 years, and are a true studio for art! We offer age appropriate projects celebrating each individual. Diversity, creativity, problem solving, and creating leaders one art project at a time are our goals. WE LOVE ART and what each child brings to their projects making them personal and meaningful. Watch your child shine with pride through their art making!

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No class March 27th.

Sculpture- Building + Design

This class is a playful search for personal creativity and discovery through different assigned projects. Through investigating different ways to look at, think about, and make decisions, students will learn the fundamentals and concept of form, where math and art meet together. Small sculpture construction include, cutting, assembling and joining shapes and objects together. Clay, wood, fabric, recycled material play a part in all of our work. Creativity is not taught, it is practiced and in this class, students get the freedom to practice through guided teaching.